Resources to End Violence


Resources for Men committed to ending violence against Women 
Below are resources and articles that have been developed with and for men with the goal of ending all forms of violence against women.


Anti-Violence Activist Links for Men

End the Silence: 15 Ways Men Can Be Empowered Bystanders

The Role of Men in Ending Violence Against Women By Angela Marie MacDougall

Men Ending Violence

The Violence Stops Here – Men Ending Violence By Michael Harris

Men – What YOU Can Do

The Violence Stops Here – Men Stopping Violence

Taking A Hard Look At Ourselves & Creating Change For The Future by Curtis Clearsky

One Man’s Commitment to Ending Violence Against Women

Involving Men in Violence Prevention by Maggie Zielger

Men’s Work- To Stope Male Violence by Paul Kivel

Violence & Silence Jackson Katz TED Talk

Jackson Katz Interview – Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help.

Byron Hurt interview on “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Byron Hurt –Why I Am a Male Feminist

Tony Porter- A Call To Men TED Talk

Read Jackson Katz’s Ten Things Men Can Do To Prevent Violence Against Women

Read Byron Hurt’s Top 10 List of Excuses We Men Make to Justify Violence Against Women

Read A Second Chance by Troy Westwood, Little Hawk


Youth Anti-Violence Activist Links

Youth Ending Violence

Youth Taking Action to End Violence Against Girls and Women

Violence Prevention Initiatives with Youth and Men

20 Ways Youth Can Prevent Violence Against Girls & Women

Lessons from Steubenville by Rona Amiri

Gender Violence and Bullying

YOU & Social Media: How YOUth Can End Dating Violence

YOUth Ending Violence by Rona Amiri and Tijash Ramirez

The Facts on Dating Violence in Youth Relationships



Involving Men in Violence Prevention by Maggie Zielger

Taking a Hard Look at Ourselves & Creating Change for the Future by Curtis Clearsky

Men’s Work—To Stop Male Violence by Paul Kivel



BWSS and The Violence Stops Here for National Crime Victims Awareness Week 2011

Don’t Be That Guy behavioural marketing campaign urging men to own their role to end rape.

BWSS and The Violence Stops Here for June: An International Call to All Men to End Violence Against Women.