JUNE: An International Call to All Men to End Violence Against Women


“Manning up” is a myth that is imposed on boys and young men, driving them into a crisis of masculinity.

This causes violence against women, rattling homes, threatening family relationships and security for mothers and children.

Men have all the power in the world to change that.

“Violence against women will end when men end violence against women.” – Troy Westwood

In the month of June, we want to call on all men to pay special attention to these words.

We want you to know that men can be powerful social changemakers in their role as allies to women.

They’re encouraged to do so in the following ways. Men can stop exerting power and control in their relationships with women that could include emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, intimidation, minimizing, denying and blaming. They can be bystanders who intervene if they are witness to abuse. They are urged to be activists in this movement to end violence against women by donating monetarily, campaigning and helping to make policy.

This June, we ask you to support this cause where we, as a global community can collectively help create security, hope and better living situations for women.

Please donate by purchasing a black, white and red ribbon online to show your commitment to ending violence against women.

Proceeds are used for our intervention and prevention services and programming that serve 10 000 women annually. We also welcome clothing donations to our thrift store My Sister’s Closet.

Thanks for making a difference.

Battered Women’s Support Services

JUNE 2013

He shouldn’t have to act so tough, but he does.

He’s constantly being told to man up.

“Manning Up” is a crisis in masculinity that causes violence against women and girls.

JUNE: An International Call to All Men to End Violence Against Women

We’re helping men own their role.